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Fütchi Perf
by Kevin Czap

ISBN: 9781941250211
80 pages, color, Softcover w/ flaps, 6 x 9 inches
Release Date: Oct, 10, 2017
Preorders start shipping: Sept, 2017
$15.95 $12.75 Preorder Special!

First 50 Preorders will receive a signed and numbered print by Kevin Czap.

“Czap’s Magic Future Cleveland is hyper-diverse. People of color are the majority in this world. There’s every body type. Gender presentation is all over the map. The body hair situation is impressive. It’s a physical world, of esh and blood. And unlike the kind of “happy” imagery that slides into kitsch, not everyone here is smiling all the time. Czap’s characters yell and sweat, they speak honestly and openly. They cry a lot, usually with joy, but real hot tears. Their joy isn’t easy, and that makes it familiar.” — Eleanor Davis, The Comics Journal, author of How To Be Happy

What if the future began at a small, queer, punk music show in the basement of a Cleveland, Ohio house? Romantic friendships, über-chic culture, magical solutions, kid think-tanks, and more. Fütchi Perf (fyooCHee purf) might not depict a perfect future, but its slice-of-life vignettes, drawn in a glorious, kaleidoscopic two-color palette, visualize a Utopian dream that seems almost real, but perpetually out of reach.

Kevin Czap (pronounced “chap”) was raised in Northern Virginia, studied art in Cleveland, OH and is now based in Providence, RI. They run the micropress Czap Books, endearingly referred to as “Comics Mom.” In 2016, Czap received the 2nd annual Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC) Emerging Talent Award for their work and involvement in the comics community.

Praise for Fütchi Perf:

"Czap’s feminist text and drawings make you question all parameters of how we think about bodies, time, control, and agency, while at the same time nding total meaning in every intentional experience and thing you have tried, loved, failed at, or dreamt about.”"
— Victoria Ruiz, Downtown Boys, Malportado Kids

"The stories of Fütchi Perf all share a central character: the city of Cleveland. Czap looks to the future with a singular perspective to explore how an urban space can change people and be changed by people.The book […] is a bustling, fluorescent anthology that de es pat intellectualizing. Its pink and purple and white and blue kaleidoscopic visuals lend it more to gut-level gushing than anything else.” — Onion AV Club

"Czap delivers with a highly individual technique that you’d probably call ‘cartoony’, de ned and driven by a bold bubblegum palette that reinforces the poppy feel of this brave new world.” — Broken Frontier"

fütchi perf by kevin czap