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My Dog Ivy by Gabrielle Bell

Was: $6.00
Now: $5.00
6.00 Ounces
This is the Comic Arts Brooklyn special hand-made edition. Limited to 100 copies. 25 copies left.
The latest missive from the fertile mind of one of America's best cartoonists, Gabrielle Bell. When she enthusiastically answers a call to house sit a small Minnesota home for a month. Complete with 2 cats and a neurotic golden retriever named Ivy, the month long 'vacation home' proves to be a gargantuan responsibility. As she awkwardly attempts to fill into the void left by the pet owners, Gabrielle's only salvation is the turbulent relationship forged with the dog Ivy.
Gabrielle Bell’s work has been selected several times for Best American Comics and the Yale Anthology of Graphic Fiction, and has been featured in McSweeney’sThe Believer, Bookforum and Vice magazines. Her story, “Cecil and Jordan In New York,” was turned into a film by Michel Gondry. The Voyeurs was named one of the best Graphic Novels of the year by Publishers Weekly. Her most recent work, Everything is Flammable, was nominated for the LA Times Book Prize and the Harvey Award. Gabrielle Bell currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.