Omens of Normal Living

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children become teens through strange rituals, a young doghead excon in love aspires to the straighter road, the citizens of a falling plane stumble upon meaning and connection in the moments before explosion, an aged revolutionary artist, dying, tries to wrap things up.through four chapters, each crafted by different materials, scratched out through shaky hands in a rough but transformative year, strained through sieves of separate but inarguably of-a-piece tones and considerations, we are guided, fingers brushing milk and fire, smoke and snot, through a brief simulation of what may, in the end,just be something we could call “Life.”

cooper whittlesey was born in iowa city in 1991 & graduated in 2016 from the center for cartoon studies in white river junction,vermont. he now lives in minneapolis,where he makes comics,acts,and sings,in addition to dishwashing and riding buses. undoubtedly there is something unfixable inside of him,and hopefully he can squeeze enough juice from it to make it all worthwhile

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