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Stonebreaker Chronicles - Book 2

WINNER: MOONBEAM Award: Best Graphic Novel : GOLD

WINNER: INDIE Book Award: Best Graphic Novel : Silver

“Middle-school readers will love this strong young woman and her dramatic fantasy-adventure.” — Booklist

Four years after saving her brother, Anya continues to explore the endless, twisting streets of the mystical city, Noridun. With the help of her friend Toris—the demon librarian—she hunts for a cure to her brother’s amnesia. Meanwhile a pair of mysterious strangers arrive in Anya’s home village. They have a plan that could change everything…! Stonebreaker is the much anticipated sequel to Peter (Avatar: The Last Airbender: Imbalance) Wartman's acclaimed first graphic novel, Over the Wall. With stunning fantasy vistas, immersive world building, and fluid action-packed art, Stonebreaker cements Wartman’s status as a break-out new talent to watch out for.

Peter Wartman is the creator of the acclaimed Over The Wall graphic novel. He’s currently hard at work drawing the new Avatar: The Last Airbender: Imbalance graphic novel series from Dark Horse Comics. He lives in Minneapolis.

Praise for Over the Wall:

YALSA Pick: Great Book for Teens

“One of 10 Best Comics and Graphic Novels of the year.” —The Onion 

“[The heroine’s] venture into the city [is] presented by Wartman in lavish inks and detailed haunting, labyrinthine architecture. Wartman’s use of silent panels, distance, and scale suggest the overwhelming revelations facing his youthful challenger, and his visual focus on the role of storytelling is often ingeniously presented through stone inscriptions and statuary that expand upon the story.” — Publishers Weekly 

Over the Wall is a wonderful book. A rescue mission and accidental vision quest set in a pertly realized dark and derelict land. A humble totem to remember what is important... family, friends and sincerity.” — Aaron Renier, author of The Unsinkable Walker Bean 

Over the Wall is a story beautifully drawn and beautifully told, filled with rich world building and characters worth rooting for. I loved reading this comic.” — Faith Erin Hicks, author of the Eisner Award winning The Adventures of Superhero Girl

“Above all of the book’s technical virtuosity is a loving eye for charismatic characters who earn their charm—especially the girl and the demon she encounters as she enters the city, whose wary relationship winds up making for a simple, stunning payoff at the end that’s as heart-piercing as the greatest moments of Jeff Smith’s Bone.” The Onion AV Club