Thrilling 1999 by Simone Zheng

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1999 is almost here. The end of the world hangs in the air. Everyone is talking about it... and dreaming about it, even the biggest pop idol Miu. Meanwhile, Maki, Ren, and Lewis all have the same dream: a bizarre demon corporation runs an interdimensional TV station. Every TV show is a different world. Is this more than just a dream? Are we a TV show on the verge of being cancelled? And what does the idol Miu have to do with it? Why are there two moons all of a sudden? Thrilling 1999 — Simone Zheng's debut mini comic — is a surreal mystery reminiscent of Murakami Haruki. A pulp hyperobject. A tip of an iceberg.

Simone is an artist working in illustration and comic art. Their work depicts feelings, ideas, and impressions they see about the world; speculations on so-called universal truths; and how the internal mind synchronizes with external phenomena. They currently live in Minneapolis, MN.

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