Tinderella by MS Harkness

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Softcover, 6 x 9 in, 120 pages

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“MS Harkness has created a perfectly satisfying narrative about a wholly unsatisfying sting of Tinder dating… her comics are the millennial inheritor to Peter Bagge’s Grunge era throne.” — Mardou, Sky in Stereo

“Harkness is a smart, tough, fearless cartoonist.” — Kevin Huizenga, A River at Night

Tinderella is an autobiographical comic about online dating, living poor and being a dumb 20-something. Intense work out sessions, a series of unsatisfying Tinder dates, and a bout of pink-eye; over confident and crude, Harkness's work is hilarious and emotionally agonizing. Tinderella is M.S. Harkness’ debut graphic novel.

MS Harkness is a cartoonist based out of Minneapolis, MN.