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“Like all great RPG campaigns, this story is crazy, over-the-top, compelling, and fun. Reading it will make you want to grab your dice and play!” — Monte Cook, Game Designer (3rd Edition D&DNumeneraInvisible Sun)

The Clandestinauts is like sneaking downstairs to spy on your older brother's mind-blowing D&D game - complete with demons, flesh-eating warlocks, shape-shifting monsters and squabbling player characters. This is weird fantasy, gonzo style: intense, inventive and hilarious.” — Dylan HorrocksHicksvilleSam Zabel and the Magic Pen

“Tim Sievert’s Clandestinauts is exactly this kind of fantasy comic. It’s gross, funny, brutal and rugged. There are no Aragorns here, just a bunch of bickering Boromirs trying to stay alive in a world that has been conceived entirely to kill them.”—Dylan Todd, Comics Alliance

“...if you like your adventure stories with slightly lower stakes and weirder locales, you’ll be hard-pressed to find more bang for your buck than Sievert’s twisted tale of backstabbing and demon eating.”—Alex BorkowskiHeave Media

Hired to acquire the fabled Goblet of the Crimson Wizard, expert dungeoneering team The Clandestinautsenter the legendary Master Wizard’s formidable fortress with visions of unimaginable treasures in their futures. That is until, like most journeys through the dreary depths of blood-soaked sepulchers, things don’t go according to plan. Threats both external and existential stand ready to test the always frayed sinews that bind this team of bitter rivals together. Filled with blood & guts, orcs, wizards, and hapless heroes, Tim Sievert’s Clandestinauts evokes fun evenings spent playing classic Dungeons & Dragons games.

Tim Sievert is a cartoonist in Minneapolis. His first graphic novel, That Salty Air, was published by Top Shelf Productions in 2008. He is also known for contributions to Satan is Alive: A Tribute to Mercyful Fate, and Metal Gods: a Tribute to Judas Priest. Tim is currently working on a graphic novel detailing the wonderful world of Bigfoot hunting.

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