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Trans Terra: Towards a Cartoon Philosophy
by Tom Kaczynski
Introduction by Kevin Huizenga

Trans Terra is a mutant memoir that melds comics, politics and philosophy into a heady brew exploring work, creativity, emergence of the new, and the possibility of utopia. The author's journey begins in the frigid wastelands of contemporary consumer culture. Like a surreal HMS Beagle, Trans Terra meanders through time and space exploring archipelagos real and imagined. Prominent stops include Soviet Siberia, Communist Poland, Plato's Atlantis, 19th century New York and Sir Thomas More's Utopia. Arriving on the polluted shores of collapsing global civilization, Tom K glimpses the faint light of utopia beyond the veil of Apocalypse. Taking cue from Salvador Dali's Paranoid Critical-Method the author unearths improbable connections between thinkers as disparate as Ignatious Donnelly, Alvin Toffler, Rem Koolhaas , Slavoj Žižek and many others. Translated into several languages, Trans Terra is a comic-book manifesto for the post-capitalist-crisis world.

ISBN: 978-0-9846814-1-9
5 x 7 inches, 144 pages, b&w, softcover
May 2013

$15.95 pre-order special: $13.55 (save 15%)