Cartoon Dialectics 4 by Tom Kaczynski

Uncivilized Comics

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The TERRAFORMERS are coming! Take an archaeo-mythological detour through antediluvian Sumer in Utnapishtim's ARK as we search for the ultimate SOURCE of human nature in DEEP TIME. Also, visiting Doctor Zizmor's office becomes a PSYCHE-ANALYSIS of the COMICS-CONSCIOUSNESS continuum. Can comics think? Including Aesthetic Education, CARTOON HERMENEUTICS, and barbarians. ETERNAL ideas in a convenient disposable COMIC BOOK package.

The most dialectical comic book on the planet. Nuff said!

Tom K(aczynski) is an immigrant, cartoonist, writer, teacher, and founder of Uncivilized Books. His comics include the Eisner-nominated Beta Testing the Apocalypse (Fantagraphics) and the forthcoming Trans Terra (check progress on Instagram). Cartoon Dialectics Vol. 3 won the Dinky Award for best Mini Comic. He writes the Event Horizon column on The Comics Journal. He also teaches comics at Minneapolis College of Art & Design and the University of Minnesota. He lives in Minneapolis with his partner Nikki, two cats, and a dog. English is his third language.