Stonebreaker Chronicles Set


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A set of two (2) graphic novels from the YA Stonebreaker Chronicles series by Peter Wartman. You get the following books:

  • Over The Wall - Book 1
  • Stonebreaker - Book 2

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Peter Wartman is a cartoonist and illustrator living in Minneapolis, MN who is definitely not a robot. He's interested in telling all-ages stories about growing up and dealing with the messiness of the world (and in drawing cool fantasy cities and lots of sci-fi machines).

He's been drawing comics since at least 2011, his first graphic nove, Over the Wall and its sequel, Stonebreaker, have been published by Uncivilized Books.

He's also done some work as a writer, most recently writing the NY Times Bestselling Dragon Prince: Through the Moon with artist Xanthe Bouma.

Currently, He's working as the artist on the Avatar: The Last Airbender graphic novels with writer Faith Erin Hicks.