A Book For Sad Pets


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We love our pets, don’t we? A Book for Sad Pets is a beautifully illustrated encapsulation of just how fraught and emotional bond we have with our pets can get… but is it just about our pets? In just a few pages, with a few words, and a handful of illustrations, newcomer Kristen Tipping will take you on an emotional roller coaster and examines the promises of loyalty we make so casually. A perfect present for the pet owner in your life… or for your unrequited love.

Kristin Tipping is an asexual graphic artist and comic creator with a master's degree in illustration from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She is known for her strangely endearing bittersweet work full of fluffy animals, queer feelings, and existential dread. Her work includes the award-winning serial comic Evil Witch Allie and the short comic collection Bedtime Stories for Strangers. She is a recipient of the 2019 Artist Initiative Grant.