True Swamp Book 2 Anywhere But In

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136 pages, b & w, Hardcover, 7 x 10 inches

Introduction by: Mary Fleener

True Swamp still stands as one of the most interesting and original worlds created in all of comics.”—Ed BrubakerLowlife, Captain America, Criminal

True Swamp 2: Anywhere But In... continues the agonizing but hilarious sentimental education of Lenny the Frog in the wilderness of the imagination, while expanding the reader’s view of the swamp to include the inscrutable activities of the fungus kingdom, collectors of human detritus, the origins of amphibian anatomy and the great religion sweeping the world of vertebrates. The stories collected here are were featured on Time Magazine’s Best Comics of 2000.

Jon Lewis began True Swamp in 1992. It continues today. Other comics include Ghost ShipSpectacles, and scripts for DC, Dark Horse and Kodansha Publishing. Lewis came to prominence as one of a tight-knit wave of early 90s Seattle cartoonists who brought new narrative ambition to alternative comics. He lives in Brooklyn.

"True Swamp is a true classic. Melancholy frogs, awkward cross-species relationships, thoughtful discussions on the meaning of life and love and the possibility of kindness, and of course the ever-present need to eat and not be eaten. Jon Lewis has created a world so rich in detail and personality that once you've dipped your toe in the warm larvae-filled water, you won't want to leave. And to tell the truth, you never will. It's been nearly twenty years since I first read these stories and still they simmer away inside my brain, like a benevolent ink-borne parasite that burrows ever deeper, exposing strange new layers of wonder and insight in that crowded fertile swamp we call life." — Dylan HorrocksHicksville

Introduction By::
Mary Fleener