New Shipping FAQ

Shipping FAQ:

All Questions:

Q: I preordered a book along with a few other things, when will my comics ship?

A: If your order contains a preorder item, they will all ship together once the preorder item is available and released.


International Questions:

Q: How long does it take to ship to country X?

A: We’re using a new inexpensive international shipping service. It takes approximately 2-4 weeks for the items to arrive at their destination.

Q: I got a tracking number that looks like this: CRWN435349857394875 but it’s not clickable. What’s gives?

A: The shipping system is still working on supporting this shipping method. You can manually track this number by typing this URL: [ URL ] and appending the tracking number at the end like this: 
If this doesn’t work, reach out to support: [ ] and they will help.

Q: I am tracking my order, but it doesn’t seem to have moved in many days. What’s going on?

A: All international parcels have to pre-clear customs. The process of clearing customs can take 7-14 days depending on the country. Once customs process is cleared, the package will start moving quickly.