Sky In Stereo Vol. 2

Revival House Press

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Mardou returns with the second volume of her critically acclaimed graphic novel, Sky in Stereo. In Volume 2, 17-year-old Iris’s LSD journey has ended behind the locked doors of a psychiatric ward. As she tries to make sense of hospital life and fellow patients, Iris is forced to confront her self while defiantly trying to find meaning and regain her freedom. With her usual visual flourish, Mardou takes the reader on a maze-like journey into the inner world of mental illness in this powerful and trippy coming-of-age story.

Mardou was born and raised in Manchester, England in 1975. After gaining her BA in English Literature she started making mini-comics, mostly stories about women trying to figure life out. She has made comics for web, print and film and now lives in St Louis, Missouri with her husband, the cartoonist Ted May, and their daughter.