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Imagine comics created from the hybrid DNA of Chuck Jones and Charles Burns… with a dash of Jim Woodring and you'd end up with something resembling Jesse McManus. His fluid, hyper-kinetic, and lush brush strokes delineate a surreal world of feral children, rubbery animals, and constantly-mutating monsters. The Whistling Factory is an audacious debut from the sui generis frenetic imagination of Jesse McManus.

Jesse McManus has been drawing comics for a long time. He was the youngest contributor to the now legendary oversize Kramer's Ergot 7. His comics were featured in many different publications including Vice Magazine. Jesse lives and works in Portland, OR.

Praise for Jesse McManus: 

“McManus cartooning is a punch of art, that comes across like a friendly jab. You feel the bruise later.” — Austin English, Gulag Casual

"Jesse McManus is doing some fantastic work that is exciting, dynamic and full of so much energy." — Inkstuds

"[Violence Valley] is drawn in a lush brushy style that is part John K bravura and part Charles Burns-like perfection in actual execution of lush brush technique. It’s one of those wordless Jim Woodring-type freakout acid trip sequences where the little tyke winds up inside the bowels of the dog somehow and finds inner peace or something – or so you think, and then it’s all blood and guts and more amazingly articulated brush lines that delineate said guts that look more like psychedelic patterns than guts." — Frank Santoro, Pompeii

"[ Jesse McManus draws ] in a beautifully cartoony way with great lines and fun sense and sensibilities." — Vice Magazine

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