West 02 by John Grund

Uncivilized Comics

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Winner: MoCCA Award of Excellence

7.5x10 in, 32 pages, B&W

In the second chapter of WEST, the situation is heating up. The boys are on the run after saving the kiddos from Solomons' evil factories. Kehla makes ends meet, Mo and Sal meet a tall wise man, and Jynx meets a strange cat he doesn't like. The truth, whose stalk stands tall, has long, deep roots and requires digging for discovery. Bugs are eaten, dust is kicked up, and bonds are made.

John Grund is a comic artist and illustrator from New Jersey. John is the author of Chut Gai, and the ongoing series, WEST. If he’s not drawing, he can be found somewhere in nature. John lives in Brooklyn, NY.