I Don't Want to be Famous

Uncivilized LAB

5.00 Ounces


Broken Pencil Zine Award 2021 Nominee


Perk up, sweetie. Smile wider. Don’t blink, and don’t scratch that! After all, mother knows best.

More than a decade after she stepped out of the public eye and retired from a fruitful career as America’s Sweetheart Lil’ Peggy, Melanie Graves just wants to live a normal life... one without cameras or autographs or fans without boundaries.

In I Don't Want to be Famous, what Melanie sees as her only way out, someone else sees as their way in…


Az Sperry (she/her) is a Mexican-American cartoonist currently based in Minneapolis, making comics about sex, drugs, and physics. Some of those stories are real, some are made up, but she can no longer tell the difference.