Desperate Pleasures by MS Harkness


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Cartoonist Studio Prize Shortlist

Foreword Indies Awards Finalist

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"[Desperate Pleasures] captures the stark settings of exurbia: chaotic hipster bars, lonely diners, snowbound neighborhoods at night. Fans of Tinderella will certainly be happy to catch up with Harkness here, and it’s an equally fresh anti-romance for newcomers to her work."—Publishers Weekly

"Desperate Pleasures [is] certain to be one you’ll read over and over again, and find yourself impressed with each time. M.S. Harkness is quickly establishing herself as perhaps the premier comics memoirist of our time."—Solrad

In M.S. Harkness’s second graphic novel, Desperate Pleasures, she weaves in and out of non-relationships, drug dealing, and sex work—all with the subtlety of a blunt ax! She constantly searches for security and fulfillment, but it is always just beyond her reach. Desperate Pleasures is a young woman's fearless autobiographical account of difficult relationships set against a backdrop of trauma and abuse. Uncomfortably close-up, filled with dark humor, Desperate Pleasures is an unrelenting read and M.S. Harkness’ best work to date.

M.S. Harkness is a cartoonist based out of Columbus, OH. She’s the author of the acclaimed memoir Tinderella. She enjoys competitive weightlifting.

Praise for Tinderella:

“A brilliantly funny, extremely perceptive debut from a cartoonist to watch.”—Library Journal, Starred Review

“Harkness is a smart, tough, fearless cartoonist.”—Kevin HuizengaA River at Night