Museum of Mistakes by Julia Wertz


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Museum of Mistakes brings back the long out-of-print Fart Party collections in a new edition with a pile of newly unearthed material, including the never released Fart Party Vol #3!

"Julia is the funniest, most unique voice in comics rights now, not picking up this book would be a huge f***king mistake." — Brian K. Vaughan

"There is adventure, persistence and charm in Julia's face-slapping stories. These comics look cute and nice, but they aren't; they are interesting, and convey life throes very well." — Gary Panter

"Museum of Mistakes displays a magnificent collection of laffs, gags, and profound profundity. Well worth the price of admission." — Carol Tyler

"Fart Party is friggin’ hilarious." — New York Magazine

"Julia is a real genius, not one of those fake-funny-Meat-puppet-with-a-pen types either." — Laura Park

"Julia’s drawings are awesome, her comic timing is perfect. Under all the drunken craziness, there’s a secret heart to the comic that is warm, and dare I say, innocent." — John Porcellino

For almost two decades, Julia Wertz has been documenting her life’s most intimate, absurd, and amusing moments through a whimsical and hilarious diary comic book called The Fart Party. Wertz retells childhood antics that end in scars and swears. She tracks, in real-time, her young adulthood as she forgets her college graduation, travels cross country via train, and drinks her way through a harsh break-up.

After receiving much acclaim (and controversy), The Fart Party became a series of self-published mini-comics, eventually collected into two volumes, published by Atomic Books. Long out of print, Museum of Mistakes collects anything and everything that is The Fart Party. PLUS: numerous pages of Julia’s early comic work, unpublished and previously uncollected comics, short stories, illustrations, process pages, hate mail, sketchbook pages, tear stains, and more.

This massive tome begs the question, "what is a Fart Party?" And the answer is... you’ll have to read to find out!

 Julia Wertz is the cartoonist behind the autobiographic comic books The Fart Party vol 1 and vol 2 (Atomic Books, 2007/2009) Drinking at the Movies (Random House, 2010) and The Infinite Wait and Other Stories (Koyama Press, 2012), and Tenements, Towers & Trash (Hachette, Oct 2017). Her work appears regularly in The New Yorker and the New York Times. See her comics at and her photography of abandoned places at She currently lives in Petaluma, California.