Structures 24-34


4.00 Ounces


The third book in the Structures series. Michael DeForge, the acclaimed cartoonist & Adventure Time storyboard artist creates 11 new "national" structures. Inter-dimensional portals, designs for future living spaces, blueprints for explosive events and typographic monuments are only some of DeForge's enigmatic constructions… At least that's what we think they are…

5.25 x 7 inch pamphlet, 2-color RISO cover

Michael DeForge lives in Toronto, Ontario. His comics and illustrations have been featured in Jacobin, The New York Times, Bloomberg, The Believer, The Walrus and Maisonneuve Magazine. He worked as a designer on Adventure Time for six seasons. His published books include Very Casual, A Body Beneath, Ant Colony, First Year Healthy, Dressing, Big Kids, Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero and A Western World. 

His completed daily comic, Leaving Richard's Valley, is archived and available to read on Instagram.

Michael DeForge