Structures 67-78


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Join Dr. Elgik’s 003 Level class on “Pre-Percolation Pre-Foundation” as they take a day trip to Sector VDQ-459 of the prefondatory strata. Bridgehouses, prepercolative markets, aqueducts, Cactus Plaza, stairmaster’s shed, and many other wonders of the prefondatory non-networked penultiutopian world. In just a few pages Sophia Foster-Domino builds an incredible lost world that may be our future.

28 pages. 2-Color RISO cover.

Sophia Foster-Dimino is a cartoonist and illustrator living and working in San Francisco, CA. Foster-Dimino graduated the Rhode Island School of Design in 2010 and has since produced illustrations for a variety of outlets and worked as a Google Doodler. She has self-published a number of zines and contributed to several anthologies. Her book, Sex Fantasy, was published by Koyama Press.